The Name

Since you are here, you are probably wondering what Macizo means and how to pronounce it. Pronounced: ma-see-so It’s a Spanish word that can be translated to mean “solid”. 

I lived in Honduras for 2 years. When I moved there I didn't know the language. Being immersed in a new culture and language was overwhelming at times and I felt frustrated with the inability to communicate. The word Macizo in Honduras is a colloquialism. I like to directly translate it to mean rad. During my first few months in the country, I picked this word up quickly. It was a word that I felt expressed so much of wanted to say but couldn’t. The culture, the language, the food, the people. All of it in a word, Macizo

That word brought me comfort while I struggled to learn a new language. It helped me to connect with the people around me and feel a sense of belonging. 

Macizo, the company, exists for much of the same reasons.